Chest Drainage System / Under Water Sealed Drainage System

KS 1046

Dada Sistem Drainase / Under Water Sealed Sistem Drainase
Pecho Sistema de Drenaje / Under Water Sistema de Drenaje Sellado
Peito Sistema de Drenagem / Under Water sistema de drenagem estanque
Système de drainage thoracique / Système de drainage scellés sous l’eau

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  • Used to remove air (Pneumothorax) or fluid (Pleural Effusion, blood) or pus (empyema) from the intrathorasic space
  • Made from non-toxic medicl grade PVC
  • Bottle with graduation markings to determine precise drain volume
  • Clear initial level markings for easy and correct usage
  • Suction port to connect bottle with suction
  • Universal connectors and kink-resistant tubings for smooth unrestricted flow
  • Hangers available for ease of use


 Single Chamber  500 ml
 Single Chamber  1000 ml
 Double Chamber  2000 ml